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If you wondered whatever happened to Marisa Tomei’s career, worry no more because she’s actually very busy with a new project, which includes traveling and meeting a bunch of people. Nothing serious though, it’s all pleasure for her, saying she needed this big break from all the complicated stuff at home and on screen. Noe she gets to hook up with whoever and wherever she wanted. And when she says wherever, she means even by a busy highway where every single motorist will see what she’s up to. You may not believe if you only read about Tomei’s habit of begging for sex in public so we urge you to watch this hardcore leaked video of hers for proof. She sucks on dicks and got plowed hard and rough and this was on two different occasions. She only tried how it will turn out on the first try and found out how much she enjoyed it and it only took her 24 hours to plan on the next wild quickie with some random dude at a picnic park. If she got banged deep in the cunt by the highway and got a load of jizz too, she had her bunghole stuffed at the park and it’s one of the wildest anal sex she’s ever experienced, she admits.

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June 22nd, 2010 by LimaBean

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Marisa Tomei has always been a funny girl when she was growing up in New York. She started out as an actress in the daytime soap opera As The Day Turns. But was her part in the first season of television’s A Different World that brought attention to her extraordinary comedic skills. In 1992, she starred opposite Joe Pesci in the comedy My Cousin Vinny; the role made her a star and gave her first Oscar win; she won for Best Supporting Actress that year. Since then she has been able to work steadily in film, television and theater.

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One of her biggest roles is playing opposite Robert Downey Jr. as a lovestruck tourist in the romantic comedy Only You. She got her second and third Oscar nominations for her supporting roles in In The Bedroom and The Wrestler. Despite the recognition she is getting for her dramatic roles, Marisa Tomei still enjoys doing comedies and making people laugh.

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I have a question: What can make Marisa Tomei hotter than she already is? The critically acclaimed actress has already made our jaws drop in movies such as What Women Want and The Wrestler and she has showed us her comic side by hosting sketches such us the Cosby Show and Saturday Night Live. What then could possible elevate THE Marisa Tomei’s sex appeal at least a million notches higher? Give up? Well here’s the chilling truth – Marisa Tomei likes to be filmed while fucking!

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Marisa Tomei is sublime. There is no other way to describe her. She’s got the three B’s that any man would want – brains, breasts, and butt. Oh yes, Marisa is one prize catch. We all know her from the movies What Women Want and The Wrestler and from the moment the kleig lights shone upon her flawless face, we all fell in love. She also hosted comic shows like The Cosby Show and Saturday Night Live and judging from the nature of those shows, Marisa Tomei knows how to have fun as well. What can I say, she’s a keeper!

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Marisa Tomei is one gifted chick. I don’t think anyone can disagree with me on this. We have witnessed her in movies such as What Women Want and The Wrestler and TV Shows such as The Cosby Show and Saturday Night Live. Needless to say, Marisa Tomei is an accomplished actress and a fun person, I conclude. Hey, anyone who hosts SNL is bound to be fun right? But aside from her acting prowess, we love Marisa Tomei for being gifted with sheer beauty! Yep, Marisa Tomei is the face that launched a thousand ships.

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